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Alcohol and cigarettes: Fighting the addictions!

Posted by Professor Mad on October 26, 2012 at 6:15 AM

It's pretty safe to say that the amount of revenue generated from the manufacture, sale and consumption of alcohol and cigarettes numbers somewhere into the billions.  While companies and corporations have benefited themselves greatly from both the cigarette and alcohol industries, those who've consumed these products haven't benefited personally.  Because many have become addicted to these two products, it has cost them in various ways at the expense of health, money and even their very lives.  It's also safe to say that considerable amounts of money have been spent on programs designed to help persons who struggle with cigarette and or alcohol addiction.  So for anyone who so happens to stumble across this blog that may struggle with either or both, there are some ways naturally and maybe less expensively that you can fight these two bad habits.  When it comes to the human body, it certainly can be sensitized as to what's good and bad for it.  There is no doubt that a proper diet in raw foods such as fruits, vegetables, seeds, sprouts and nuts always helps.  It has been shown medically that those who struggle with cigarettes and or alcohol- when incorporating the foods into their diet they are less likely to desire these two products.  Here are a couple of things that may be beneficial in your struggle against alcohol and cigarettes:

Sunflower seeds and sprouts-  It has been shown that natural raw sunflower seeds [not the ones you get from the neighborhood corner store] are helpful in overcoming cigarette and alcohol addiction. Sunflower sprouts have the same benefit as seeds and can be used as part of a regular juice program.  Most fruits and vegetables contain chromium. Those who are chromium deficient tend to desire sweets and sugary foods.  It's a known fact that those who suffer from alcohol abuse because of depriving themselves nutritionally crave more sugar.  So try natural sunflower seeds and juice sunflower sprouts along with fruits or vegetables you like, especially those that contain chromium.

L-Glutamine-  Glutamine is an amino acid that's very well known.  It is found in very high levels in the muscles.  In supplement form it is used by athletes and body builders.  L-glutamine is beneficial in muscle recovery after exercise as well as recovery from injury.  It has also been shown that glutamine as a supplement has been helpful in immune system function and fighting addictions.  L-Glutamine can be found in foods such as yogurt, spinach, parsley,  barley, corn, cabbage, egg whites as well as beef, poultry and pork.  When taking glutamine in supplement form, make sure to consult your doctor or any health care professional first.  And always take it according to the manufacturer's directions.

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